Pinawa Challenge 2017

Open to individuals and family

(Timed event with male and female placing)

You may wear your fins or a floatation belt

Combine your swim with an off-road bike and Ironwood trail run:
Transition site is Pinawa Rowing Club.

Event Details: Start times linked here

Pinawa Ultra Challenge:

3K swim; 15 k trail bike; 5K trail run -

Pinawa Super Challenge:

1500M swim; 10 k trail bike; 4K trail run -

Pinawa Challenge:

750M swim; 10K trail bike; 3K trail run -

Challenge Lite:

400M swim; 6K trail bike; 2K trail run -

Start Times:

Estimated Bike Start:

Estimated Run Times:

Medal presentation to follow each event completion

Course Description

Swim course: deep water treading start, follows the shore line until it goes out into the middle of the Winnipeg River system. This swim course is designed to work with the river current to produce a fast swim.

***note*** include the swim course map from Free Spirit

Swim course see map: 2 loops of the 1500 m swim course; 1 loop of the 1500 m swim course; 1/2 loop for 750 m swim course; 1/2 of the 750 m swim course for the 400 m swim.

Ultra & Super Challenge have the same trail bike & run course:
CAUTION: the bike & run trail return on the same route--slow down when meeting oncoming racers.

Transition is on Pinawa Rowing Club site:
Take your bike, follow the Ironwood trail from the rowing club site to behind the Pinawa swimming pool, left turn between pool fence & the tennis courts, right enter onto Willis Ave. heading north to #211 highway, past golf course, right turn on #211, (3.5 k) proceed east to left turn on "marked bike trail" for 4.0 k of moderate trail work, turn around return to #211, turn left on Willis ave., stay on Willis ave. through to left turn (boat launch road), proceed to transition site, run course follows the boat launch road to run alongside Marina, by the floating burger shop, heading south west on lake side Ironwood trail to your designated turn around area, finish line is at Pinawa Rowing Club.