Pinawa Challenge

Pinawa Challenge is a cross triathlon - follows the TC/ITU rules for cross triathlon

Mountain Biking Conduct/Equipment:
a.) The maximum tire diameter for the MTB is 29 inches or 74cm. The minimum cross section is 1.5 inch/3.8cm
b.) Front and rear wheels may have different diameter
c.) Studded and/or slick tires are allowed
d.) Athletes are allowed to push or carry the bike over the course
e.) Drafting is allowed; for safety reasons it may be forbidden to pass other athletes before  entering the transition area. Lapped athletes will not be  from the race
f.) Clip-ons are not allowed;
g.) Traditional road handlebars are forbidden;
h.) Traditional MTB bar ends are authorised. Ends must be plugged.
Cyclocross bikes are not permitted unless they conform to the specifications outlined above.  See examples of cyclocross bikes below – one is good, the other not.

Good bike - choose this type

Bad Bike - DO NOT choose this type